A2hosting reviews, verdicts, user rating and why choose?

This A2hosting review site is hosted with $3.92 Lite plan. This review site is our personal WordPress blog hosted with their high speed prime shared service plan since 2008. We are using their most basic plan and not the enhanced SSD plan that promised 3 times faster page load. We have many years of real experience, nothing is hidden from our intensive reviews, and this is what makes us special. This review focuses on the various features of the service, including price plans, speeds, and customer support – providing you with everything you need to know if you’re thinking about taking out their hosting package. In here, we have discount coupon and promotion code giving huge discount; If you are already using their service, please submit your user review.

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Is A2hosting a good web host? They are fast becoming one of the most popular web hosting providers on the internet, and offers customers a wide range of features, including fast speeds and a 99% uptime guarantee.

The company was founded in 2001 and operated as Iniquinet before changing its name in 2003. The service is known for providing Linux based web hosting solutions, and offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and a dedicated server. All web hosting solutions are available with fast speed and high quality performance, as well as 30 days money-back guarantee and no hidden fees. They rely on a unique SwiftServer platform, as has integrated its services with Solid State Drives, or SSD, to ensure page loading speed is as fast as possible (300% quicker than standard drives).

All their web hosting packages utilize cPanel as the main control panel – one of the best out there today. This is easy-to-use, even for beginners, so customers will be able to manage their files, databases, domains and emails with minimum fuss and hassle. The cPanel comes with loads of applications that can help to simplify the web hosting process.

A2hosting review on shared hosting. There are three different shared web hosting solutions – Lite, Swift, and Turbo. The Lite plan starts from $4.01 per month, offering an affordable alternative to expensive web hosting packages, which makes it ideal for small businesses or those who want a low cost service with plenty of features (such as 25 email addresses and 1 domain). The Swift and Turbo plans start from $5.03 and $9.55 respectively. Customers can save money by taking out an annual plan. There are a number of different ways customers can pay for the service, including via Google checkout, Check or Mo, PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card payments.

They have some remarkable shared service with SSD solution that seem much faster and further enhanced with Swiftserver platform technology that makes it even better. Is this making them the best web host? This Prime plan start from $4.97 and Prime plan with solid state drive begin from $7.46 only.

The basic Prime plan is cheap and uses Raid-10 storage. It includes Cloudflare content deliver network that offer 200% faster page load. There is optional Railgun optimizer at $2 per month and making your website 143% faster.


Users can take advantage of quick-and-easy WordPress set up in the cPanel – ideal if you are trying to transfer your website over. There is an easy 1-click WordPress set up feature, which makes all the usual tedious work associated with this process a thing of the past. There’s also a no-click WordPress set up, which can help you get up-and-running in no time at all.

A2hosting review on cloud hosting. When it comes to cloud hosting, you can practically design your own custom server. The result? You only pay for the features that you want to use – effectively saving you loads of money. There are loads of options to choose from, and you can re-size your account whenever you like. There’s no setup charges or additional costs, and you will be able to get up-and-running quickly. Other features include high performance hardware, fast memory, cloud disaster recovery, high availability failover, FutureServe Green Hosting, quick installation, the ability to change and reload your OS on demand, full root access, boot and shutdown controls, and much, much more.

A2hosting review on VPS and dedicated servers. There are two different VPS packages, both of which offer high availability failover. What’s more, only pay for what you use, and you can even change the size of your VPS whenever you like. Both packages make use of the SwiftServer platform and offer full-root hosting and ultra-reliable hosting.

There are two management levels for dedicated server users – both of which have been designed for different purposes. The Flex Dedicated Server is ideal if you are an experienced system administrator or developer, while the Managed Flex Dedicated Server is for those who want a fully managed server solution without having to do any of the hard work themselves. The latter provides around-the-clock support and has been designed to be extra user-friendly.

A2hosting review on technical support. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with a customer representative if you have a technical query, or just need some help. There are customer service options open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the support team is based in the United States. The professional experts you will be in contact with have more than 5 years experience, and will provide you with a prompt and helpful response to your query. The company prides itself on the customer service it provides, and you will be able to speak to staff quickly via email. Unlike some other web hosting services, they have a live chat feature, where you will be able to speak to a member of staff in real-time. There’s also a Knowledge Base – a vast database of questions, answers, and articles that should help you if you have technical difficulties. Finally, a forum will allow you to converse with members of staff and other customers, and learn about different web hosting tips and techniques.

A2hosting review on uptime guarantee. They continue to fulfill its commitment of 99% uptime – showcasing its reliable performance. There is a guarantee in place whereby the company will provide a service credit if your website experiences any downtime that exceeds more than 0.1% of the total time for a particular month. If equipment failure or an internal network problem is to fault for the downtime, you will be able to submit a ticket through the official website to request a credit. They make it clear that servers will occasionally need to be brought down for maintenance work and will try to provide you with advance notice of this.

A2hosting review on data center. The company owns two data centers (one in Southfield, Michigan, and one in Reykjavik, Iceland), which work to improve network connectivity and dual fiber performance. The data centers are supported by a 300KVA UPS uninterrupted power generator, and a 750KVA Cummins Diesel generator, which helps the company to maintain its 99% uptime. They also provide its customers with a 397 server response time, making it one of the fastest web hosting services available on the market today.

A2hosting review on money-back guarantee. The company offers a money-back guarantee – providing you with the peace of mind that you need when subscribing to a web hosting service. The guarantee of the 30 days money-back guarantee ensures that your purchase is risk free. For more details about this guarantee, including the terms and conditions, refer to the official website.

A2hosting review and average user rating. From our reviews and many years staying with them, we have learn their deepest secret and know their pros and cons. This is an exceptional web host company and they are offering the biggest range of products. In comparison, we can see their nearest competitor will be Siteground and Site5 that both offers cloud service. But they are lack of SSD service that offers more speed performance. And when compare to Hostgator that offers more basic solution, this is clearly the more sophisticated and offers more advanced services.

We have rated their product, service and pricing. Compared it with other top web hosts, learn the different and see the advantages. With all these reviews and facts in hand, we are giving them a fair rating as the following.

user rating

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Effective ways to choose a good web host

For you to achieve great success in your online business you should host your business website in a good web host. The best web hosting company will assure you maximum up time which will enable you serve as many customers as possible. The bandwidth should be enough to meet your traffic needs. For you to locate the best web host company, you should first take your time and assess different companies that offer the web hosting services so that you will decide on one that will offer you the best services. You should take into consideration your website needs before you decide to carry out the search for the perfect web host.

Effective ways to choose a good web host

  1. Reading online reviews

There are many professionals who are dedicated to offering reviews of different web hosting companies online. You should take your time and visit the review websites from where you will get to know the pros and cons of hosting your website in a certain web host. You can also visit review websites such as Better Business Bureau from where you will get to know more about the reputation of the web host before you sign a contract with a certain web host for you to access services from.

  1. User reviews and rating

There are other users who are already using different web hosting companies. For you to land on the best web hosting company which will guarantee you great services, you should take your time and read reviews that other users have offered online. In case the users will tend to praise the services that they are being offered by a certain company, then you will be in a better position of accessing the best services after you hire such a company for your hosting services.

  1. Consider the price feature

For you to run your online business smoothly, you should consider a hosting company that will charge you at fair rates. You can start by carrying out price comparison in different web hosts for you to know one that will offer you the hosting services at the best rates. Different companies that offer web hosting services differ when it comes to the cost of their services. For you to increase your chances of accessing the best services, you should always take into consideration the features of different web hosts and their prices.

  1. Compare with other web hosts

There are many web hosts available. You will only make the best decision after you carry out comprehensive research and compare the web hosts available. The process of comparing the web hosts is easy, you will just utilise online researches where many web designers have compared the web hosts online. When comparing the web hosts you should compare them in terms of prices, features and other specific features associated with individual companies.

  1. Support availability

Support is among the factors which you should not forget to factor when trying to locate a good web host. A good web host should guarantee you all round the clock support. There are sometimes you may be stuck when trying to apply certain features that may be supported by the web host, it will be very easy for you to apply the features after you decide to call the customer support. For you to be sure whether the customer support is working or not, you should try and call them and see how fast they will respond to your call.

  1. Available discount coupon or cheaper renewal cost

For you to save your money when running your website, you should consider a good web host which will offer you great discounts. Some web hosts will offer coupon codes for you to apply so that you will access different features that they offer. You will increase your chances of saving more money after you decide to go for a web host that will allow you to apply coupon codes. Some web hosts will have attractive initial cost, you should also remember to check on their renewal rates before you decide to pay for the web hosting services.

A good web host will lead you to enjoying great success online. You should ensure you have assessed the web host that you are about to decide on as the best for you to access web hosting services from prior to paying for the services. This is necessary for you to avoid regretting later.

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A2hosting cloud hosting review, pros and cons

A2hosting is known for their impeccable dedication to high speed web hosting, as well as their ability to offer two very affordable hosting plans. The duo of plans are the Prime and the Prime+SSD. Both share a number of features that include the following:

  • RAID-10 storage
  • Unlimited transfer (bandwidth)
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • A 30 day money back guarantee
  • Around the clock customer service via email, chat or phone
  • The speed enhanced ClodFlare content delivery network
  • The cPanel 11 control panel
  • Softaculous apps installer

As far as the differences between the two plans, Prime+SSD uses solid state drives. This allows for a significant increase in the speed at which the server is able to deliver content. The Prime plan is also able to deliver some of the fastest speeds even without the option of the SSD.

  1. Purchase Process

The purchasing and checkout process is hassle free, simple and swift. It only takes three steps to complete the entire process, which means that A2 Hosting thoroughly places the consumer first and recognizes that their time is extremely precious. There is also ZERO confusion attached to the process whatsoever. You are not transferred away from the current registrar nor are there any additional cost options automatically placed into your shopping cart.

Options are only added if you do so manually and at no point does A2 Hosting try to mislead with discounted pricing, etc. As you pay, the renewal price for the services that have been selected is made available to you, alleviating the need for you to search about for any form of fine print pricing. The price that you see at checkout is the price that you pay, no more or less. All that you will need to do is to select the plan renewal term. For example, the Prime web hosting plan has the following price options:

  • $5.99 per months for a 3 year hosting term
  • $7.99 per month for a single year hosting term
  • $10.99 per month for a single month hosting term
  1. A2 Setup

Within moments of ordering the services, a “welcome” email is sent that includes all of the information that is required for using the hosting account immediately. Within this email, users are thoroughly provided with the following:

  • The plan
  • Account
  • Site administration
  • FTP
  • Email
  • DNS (nameserver) information
  • Links

With this information, users are able to upload their sites within a matter of minutes. With all of its hosting accounts, A2 Hosting provides the cPanel 11which includes a great deal of information regarding your particular website while delivering an easy and fast way to complete tasks that include adding an email, the installation of WordPress and more. Additionally newbies to webhosting are provided with a way to administer their respective sites while quickly learning how to be a proper webmaster. There are also a number of advance features that experienced webmasters are able to utilize that will effect alteration that including the addition of subdomains, the creation of private nameservers and the modifying of A-records.

  1. A2 Pros

A2 Hosting, in regards to its web hosting plans, present consumers with a number of pros, which are listed below:

  • Unlimited RAID 10 disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • CloudFlare content delivery network
  • cPanel 11 control panel
  • Softaculous apps installer
  • The least expensive plan include a dedicated IP address as well as SSL certificate options
  • Easy and fast set up and checkout
  • The payment option of PayPal
  • Around the clock customer care support via: email, chat and phone
  • Fast servers
  • 100% uptime
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Best practices website and business
  • BBB rating of A+
  1. A2 Cons

When it comes to A2 Hosting, there is only a singular con that could be found. That is the fact that for a one year term, the cost is $7.99+ per month (Prime) is not the cheapest that is currently on the market.

  1. In Conclusion

Although there are less expensive web hosting options that are available, none are comparable to that of A2 Hosting. The server speed is impeccable as well as the uptime and customer support. From the purchasing process to the maintaining of an actual website is made as simplistic as possible. You will be extremely hard pressed to find another web hosting service that is comparable as well as priced so budget friendly.

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