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This A2hosting review site is hosted with $3.92 Lite plan. This review site is our personal WordPress blog hosted with their high speed prime shared service plan since 2008. We are using their most basic plan and not the enhanced SSD plan that promised 3 times faster page load. We have many years of real experience, nothing is hidden from our intensive reviews, and this is what makes us special. This review focuses on the various features of the service, including price plans, speeds, and customer support providing you with everything you need to know if you’re thinking about taking out their hosting package. In here, we have discount coupon and promotion code giving huge discount; If you are already using their service, please submit your user review.

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Is A2hosting a good web host? They are fast becoming one of the most popular web hosting providers on the internet, and offers customers a wide range of features, including fast speeds and a 99% uptime guarantee.

The company was founded in 2001 and operated as Iniquinet before changing its name in 2003. The service is mainly known for providing Linux based web hosting solutions. They are now offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and a dedicated server. All web hosting solutions are available with fast speed and high quality performance. As well as 30 days money back guarantee and no hidden fees. They rely on a unique SwiftServer platform, as has integrated its services. It uses Solid State Drives or SSD to ensure page loading speed is as fast as possible (300% quicker than standard drives).

All their web hosting packages utilize cPanel as the main control panel; one of the best out there today. This is easy to use, even for beginners, so customers will be able to manage their files, databases, domains and emails with minimum fuss and hassle. The cPanel comes with loads of applications that can help to simplify the web hosting process.

A2hosting review on shared hosting. There are three different shared web hosting solutions; Lite, Swift, and Turbo. The Lite plan starts from $4.01 per month, offering an affordable alternative to expensive web hosting packages, which makes it ideal for small businesses or those who want a low cost service with plenty of features (such as 25 email addresses and 1 domain). The Swift and Turbo plans start from $5.03 and $9.55 respectively. Customers can save money by taking out an annual plan. There are a number of different ways customers can pay for the service, including via Google checkout, Check or Mo, PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card payments.

They have some remarkable shared service with SSD solution that seem much faster and further enhanced with Swiftserver platform technology that makes it even better. Is this making them the best web host? This Prime plan start from $4.97 and Prime plan with solid state drive begin from $7.46 only.

The basic Prime plan is cheap and uses Raid-10 storage. It includes Cloudflare content deliver network that offer 200% faster page load. There is optional Railgun optimizer at $2 per month and making your website 143% faster.


Users can take advantage of quick and easy WordPress set up in the cPanel, ideal if you are trying to transfer your website over. There is an easy 1-click WordPress set up feature, which makes all the usual tedious work associated with this process a thing of the past. There’s also a no-click WordPress set up, which can help you get up running in no time at all.

A2hosting review on cloud hosting. When it comes to cloud hosting, you can practically design your own custom server. The result? You only pay for the features that you want to use effectively saving you loads of money. There are loads of options to choose from, and you can resize your account whenever you like. There’s no setup charges or additional costs. You will be able to get up and running quickly. Other features include high performance hardware and fast server memory. And there is cloud disaster recovery, high availability failover, FutureServe Green Hosting and quick installation. User are given the ability to change and reload your OS on demand, full root access, boot and shutdown controls, and much, much more.

A2hosting review on VPS and dedicated servers. There are two different VPS packages, both of which offer high availability failover. What’s more, only pay for what you use, and you can even change the size of your VPS whenever you like. Both packages make use of the SwiftServer platform and offer full root hosting and ultra reliable hosting.

There are two management levels for dedicated server users. Both of which have been designed for different purposes. The Flex Dedicated Server is ideal if you are an experienced system administrator or developer. While the Managed Flex Dedicated Server is for those who want a fully managed server solution without having to do any of the hard work themselves. The latter provides around the clock support and has been designed to be extra user friendly. Both are great servers. The Managed server is more expensive. And it is recommended for most users.

A2hosting review on technical support. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with a customer representative if you have a technical query, or just need some help. There are customer service options open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the support team is based in the United States. The professional experts you will be in contact with have more than 5 years experience, and will provide you with a prompt and helpful response to your query. The company prides itself on the customer service it provides, and you will be able to speak to staff quickly via email. Unlike some other web hosting services, they have a live chat feature, where you will be able to speak to a member of staff in real time. There’s also a Knowledge Base, a vast database of questions, answers, and articles that should help you if you have technical difficulties. Finally, a forum will allow you to converse with members of staff and other customers, and learn about different web hosting tips and techniques.

A2hosting review on uptime guarantee. They continue to fulfill its commitment of 99% uptime and showcasing its reliable performance. There is a guarantee in place whereby the company will provide a service credit if your website experiences any downtime that exceeds more than 0.1% of the total time for a particular month. If equipment failure or an internal network problem is to fault for the downtime, you will be able to submit a ticket through the official website to request a credit. They make it clear that servers will occasionally need to be brought down for maintenance work and will try to provide you with advance notice of this.

A2hosting review on data center. The company owns two data centers. One in Southfield, Michigan, and one in Reykjavik, Iceland. Both are with improved network connectivity and dual fiber performance. The data centers are supported by a 300KVA UPS uninterrupted power generator, and a 750KVA Cummins Diesel generator. These help the company to maintain its 99% uptime. They also provide its customers with a 397 server response time, making it one of the fastest web hosting services available on the market today. This is world class quality facility and ideal place for hosting servers.

A2hosting review on money back guarantee. The company offers a money back guarantee providing you with the peace of mind that you need when subscribing to a web hosting service. The guarantee of the 30 days ensures that your purchase is risk free. For more details about this guarantee, including the terms and conditions, refer to the official website.

A2hosting review and average user rating. From our reviews and many years staying with them, we have learn their deepest secret and know their pros and cons. This is an exceptional web host company and they are offering the biggest range of products. In comparison, we can see their nearest competitor will be Siteground and Site5 that both offers cloud service. But they are lack of SSD service that offers more speed performance. And when compare to Hostgator that offers more basic solution, this is clearly the more sophisticated and offers more advanced services.

We have rated their product, service and pricing. Compared it with other top web hosts, learn the different and see the advantages. With all these reviews and facts in hand, we are giving them a fair rating as the following.

user rating

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A2hosting review and coupon by Ed Baguio

A2Hosting may not be as popular as the big boys of web hosting, but this doesn’t mean they offer sub-par service. In fact, in some areas, you can say that A2Hosting is ahead against the big boys. This is a web hosting company that started its root way back in 2001. It was called Iniquinet at the time. The company renamed and rebranded to A2hosting in the tribute to their place operation, which is Ann Arbor, Michigan. By 2004, they are the first hosting company that supported PHP, and in 2006 they started offering MySQL 5 available for the customers. Since then the company has continued to roll out new features like SSD hosting, managed VPS hosting and Server Rewind tool. To this day, A2Hosting is one the forefronts of web hosting performance.

So, what are the pros of A2hosting? What are the cons? And, what are the important features that you I should know about? If you are asking yourself these questions, then stick around as this article is going to be informative.


A2Hosting is a company that is solely focused on web hosting. Thus, they have a number of products to offer you. This is to ensure that no matter the kind of hosting you need, they will have one that is suitable for you. At the moment, A2Hosting is offering web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Managed VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and

Dedicated hosting

The cheapest is the shared hosting, and it is suitable for the average hosting needs. The shared hosting plans start at $7.99 per month, with a year contract. However, with the A2Housting coupon, you can get it for half the price.
One of the advantages with A2Hosting’s system is that you can start small. When you just started your website, chances are you won’t need all the bells and whistles (which makes the cost rise). As you grow, your original plan may not be suitable anymore to accommodate the growth. You can then conveniently upgrade the plan to suite your needs. It’s a great system so you can keep your costs down.

Furthermore, A2Hosting offers a lot of features for free, which are often charged by other hosting companies. Example of these features are security tools, SSH and backups.


Keep in mind that A2Hosting is not exactly the cheapest hosting out there, and they are not the most expensive either. What you get is real value for your money.

There are other hosting companies that are cheaper. The downside is the performance is sub-quality and they may charge you extra for each additional feature. A2Hosting offers top-of-the-line performance and service, with included features that are often charged extra by other hosting companies. This is the reason why they are one of the best value for the money web hosting companies out there.


If there is one A2Hosting’s add-on feature that is definitely worth the price, it would be the SSD hosting. For a little add-on cost, you can increase your site’s performance up to 3 times. SSD stands for solid state drive, and it’s a lot faster compared to the traditional drives. Even the big boys can’t compete when it comes to 2AHosting’s SSD hosting.


When it comes to web hosting, you really need to pay attention to the up-time. When downtimes occur, this means that your website is inaccessible. You could potentially lose new customers with downtime, which can really hurt your bottom line.

The problem with up-time is that all web hosts claim to have 99% plus up-time. The problem is, nobody is actually doing any long-term monitoring.

The great thing about A2hosting is its transparency. A2Hosting posts their up-time data on their website 24/7. According to their data, their servers haven’t been down for more than 5 minutes in the last two months.

Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel, A2Hosting is using cPanel. It’s a widely used control panel that it’s almost like an industry standard. You will have no problem navigating through this proven control panel.

One excuslive addition to A2Hosting’s cPanel is the Softaculous. It’s a free feature that installs popular scripts (like WordPress or Drupal) with a few clicks of a mouse button.


If you are thinking of building a website with e-Commerce capabililites, then A2Hosting got you covered. You can use Magento, and it already comes with most of the hosting plans. Magento is one of the most widely used e-commerce platform, thus you will have no problems with it comes to tutorials and guides. However, there are also other e-commerce solutions in A2Hosting if you do not prefer Magento.

A2Hosting isn’t really a big brand hosting company like GoDaddy or Hostgator. However, when it comes to value, A2Hosting can give the big boys a run for their money. In some areas, it can easily beat the big boys. On the downside, they are not the cheapest hosting option out there. However, on the up side, they offer a lot of critical features for free. Combining the price, features and transparent up-time data, this is probably one the best hosting company to date.

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A2hosting review and coupon by Kundan Dubey

In present time so many hosting websites and companies are there that can help you host your website in easy ways. But you need to understand that only few of those hosting companies provide the best hosting services to people. This A2hosting is one of those companies that can offer the best hosting services to you. I can share a few details that can help you understand these things in easy ways. With these details you will be able to identify a lot of things about this company. You will also find it easy to book a hosting in a cost effective manner.

A2hosting company is providing it services to global customer since 1999 and it offer so many services to people. This company can help you get web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, data centers, WordPress hosting and SSD hosting also. In addition to this, they also provide so many other services to all the customers and you can choose one according to your own choice, need or preference. This will make sure you get the best outcome with them in the simplest possible manner. You can get a solution that fit the particular requirement of your website or services.

If we try to write a short a2hosting review, then we can say this is one of the best companies for all kind of web hosting. This hosting company provides you 24×7 uptime assurance with blazing fast internet and server speed. All the people that bought the services of A2hosting feel very happy with its performance and uptime guarantee and they get only good result with it. This company is also recommended by some of the biggest names in industry. This proves that each and every positive A2hosting review is based on the facts and users experience.

If you will check the customer reviews for A2 web hosting then you will notice that more than 97% people or exiting customer recommend this company to other people. This is really a high number and this kind of satisfaction can explain how efficient this company is. Thanks to this amazing work quality, this company built a high reputation in all of its customers. All those people that take the services of a2hosting for anything, they never look at any other options for related work.

As far as services parts are concerned it offers web hosting to all of its customers which is one of the most popular product from this company. Other than this it can also help you get some VPS plans that will help you have better result in easy manner. So, if you want to host some of your website or services on your private servers, then you can take VPS hosting services from this company and you can get those servers easily. Just like this you can get SSD hosting and turbo hosting for blazing fast performance. Also, they provide 24×7 support in an excellent manner and you can get more about that also with the help of users feedback or an a2hosting review.

Talking about the price of hosting plans, it starts with $ 7.99 per month, but if you have right kind of A2hosting coupon, then you can get up to 50% off on the hosting plans. You can get A2hosting coupon for almost all kind of plans or products, so this is an assurance that you can get good discount on all those products. With the help of this A2hosting coupon you will be able to take the services of this hosting company in easy ways and you will be able host your website or services on best servers in a highly cost effective manner.

In conclusion, I can say a2hosting is one of the best hosting providers as it provides different kind of hosting products to you with uptime assurance. Also, it offers the services in a cost effective manner and using a2hosting coupon you can reduce the already lower cost. So, if you are trying to find a hosting company, then you can choose this company and you can get the best outcome for same in a very easy and simple manner.

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