A2hosting reviews, verdicts, user rating and why choose?

This A2hosting review site is hosted with $3.92 Lite plan.

This review site is our personal WordPress blog hosted with their high speed prime shared service plan since 2008. We are using their most basic plan and not the enhanced SSD plan that promised 3 times faster page load. We have many years of real experience, nothing is hidden from our intensive reviews, and this is what makes us special. In here, we have discount coupon and promotion code giving huge discount; If you are already using their service, please submit your user review.

A2hosting reviews: Is this web host the best?

This company is over 12 years old. They are fully US based company and offering all types of products and services at affordable price. They have shared package, performance VPS, superior dedicated server and reseller package.


A2hosting reviews on SSD Swiftserver server platform.

They have some remarkable shared service with SSD solution that seem much faster and further enhanced with Swiftserver platform technology that makes it even better. Is this making them the best web-host? This Prime-plan start from $4.97 and Prime-plan with solid state drive begin from $7.46 only.

The basic Prime plan is cheap and uses Raid-10 storage. It includes Cloudflare content deliver network that offer 200% faster page load. There is optional Railgun optimizer at $2 per month and making your website 143% faster.


A2hosting review and comparison with top web hosts.

From our reviews and many years staying with them, we have learn their deepest secret and know their pros and cons. This is an exceptional web-host company and they are offering the biggest range of products. In comparison, we can see their nearest competitor will be Siteground and Site5 that both offers cloud service. But they are lack of SSD service that offers more speed performance. And when compare to Hostgator that offers more basic solution, this is clearly the more sophisticated and offers more advanced services.

They offer some wide range of products which includes:

  1. Shared-hosting with optional SSD drive.
  2. VPS-hosting with 34% discount.
  3. Reseller-hosting with 34% discount.
  4. Dedicated servers.

A2hosting review and average user rating.

We have rated their product, service and pricing. Compared it with other top web-hosts, learn the different and see the advantages. With all these reviews and facts in hand, we are giving them a fair rating as the following.

user rating

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How to keep your website updated and provide useful Info

If you think that you can get away without keeping your website updated then you are mistaken. The advantages of an updated website with useful information are far too many. From enhancing your promotional and marketing actions to improving the brand image of your company to avoiding disasters with your clients; the list goes on and on. So, now that you found out the importance of a well-maintained website, here are some of the ways to update your website and provide all the information that your customers need.

1) Provide fresh content

It is very important to provide fresh content frequently. To make sure that you do not miss out, fix a day for uploading. So, suppose you decide to update on every Sunday, then you have the whole week to prepare the content and upload it on Sunday and this way you will be able to provide fresh and quality content every week. In this way you will be able to keep your existing customers happy. Besides this, you will be able to attract potential customers also as a regularly updated website has a good traffic.

2) Latest Design Ideas

To make sure that you have a well-maintained website, you have to make sure that you do not have an outdated design. A customer will not even bother to go through your website if they see that your design is not up to date. So, take help of professionals or just see what your competitors or popular websites are using and change your design accordingly. Your website updated with a design that is simple and easy to use is important as a visitor can get all the information they need quickly and easy with such a design.

3) Customer Feedback

Your aim should be a website updated with what your customers want and not what you want. Sometimes you may think that changing something or updating a particular page will do your business good but in reality your customers are looking forward for something else. So, it is very important to provide the customers and visitors with an option to fill up a suggestion form. With their valuable suggestions and feedbacks, you will be able to update according to the need of your customers which in turn will help your business to bloom.

4) Working incoming and outgoing links

You have to make sure that your incoming links are working properly. With regular checkups you will know if the links are working or not and you can then update accordingly and timely. Along with incoming links, you also have to take care of the outgoing links on your website too. Search engines like Google are well-known for penalizing website with non-working links and hence your website should be updated in order to have a high rank. Besides, well-working links provide the proper guidance to the customer clicking on it.

So, these were some of the ways for keeping your website updated so that your visitors get all the information they are looking for. There are many companies which help website owners to keep their websites up to date according to the evolving internet. So, you can take their help if all these are overwhelming.

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A2hosting speed test (prime account)

A2hosting speed test on shared hosting service.

Will their standard-hosting plan become terribly slow and forcing customer to upgrade to SSD plan that is much more expensive but proven much faster? In here, they have two types of shared-hosting services and the basic-plan is what we are using. And our website speed test is rated here.

We have checked their customer website uptime percentage and even the server speed rating. Following is our own website being tested. Our website for testing is this review site and it took 0.164681 second to connect and 0.606675 second in total load time. This is the first test and the second test a few hours later is indicating a load time of 1.27 second. With page size of 1MB, that is 787 kilobytes per second in average transfer rate.

This server speed result may varies from time to time, and this is a result we are getting. If you are skeptic about this and really obsessed getting a slow website service, please use your preferred online testing tool and check on this hosted site for validation. That will give the most accurate and most current result for sure.

speed test

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About Cloud Hosting Advantages and Benefits

Cloud-hosting basically describes the method of configuring the servers in flexible ways so as to allow for most scalable, reliable and affordable web infrastructure. Cloud-hosting can also be defined as the location independent cloud computing where the shared servers offer the necessary infor in form of resources, data and software to various devices. It’s actually the evolution of utility computing, visualization and service oriented architecture. Details and information are both taken from consumers who don’t have control over Cloud technology infrastructure which works for them. It may also be described as a great new innovative advancement, utilization and IT model, for several web-hosting services that are internet based.

Advantages of Cloud-Hosting

  1. It is scalable and flexible. Since the virtual servers are not physical, they’re super flexible, hence giving you exactly what you require at that moment. Cloud servers basically scale with such an incredible speed. You may reduce or expand servers in just a few seconds to make sure that the server(s) keeps up with the demand without wasting any money on some unnecessary resources. Cloud-hosting is so flexible, reasonable and scalable that each company has an actual practical use for it. Cloud-hosting is now becoming a very popular trend, and if you happen to go for the trustworthy and reputed provider(s) you don’t have to be worried about any problems or issues you might encounter when using cloud-hosting. Genuine and reliable web-hosting provider(s) always strive to work for the profits and benefit of your organization.
  2. Another major benefit of cloud-hosting is its’ ability to actually work without the necessity of any hardware, license or implementation services, and it basically costs just a mere fraction of any other tangible solution. Organizations and companies spend large amounts of resources and money to obtain services and licenses which are rather essential for the web-hosting business, however, you don’t have to be worried nor take care of such things if you opt to go for cloud-hosting.
  3. Some of its’ major highlights include easy execution, easy implementation, high service quality, and the ability to use optimum resources. Cloud-hosting allows the business to subtract and add capacity according to network indication, and your organization or company will always only pay for exactly what it has consumed. There is also a detailed and comprehensive record of resources used that’s maintained by IT department.
  4. Cloud-hosting provides customers with a 24/7 support meaning you can effectively deal with any unexpected emergency and other contingencies. Your organization might be grappling with Server outage issues and you’re left in middle of nowhere. With cloud-hosting, an immediate solution and response to the hosting error(s) is provided for you. The absolute minimum time is taken by your customer service, so that you may regain and also reshape the web-hosting business.
  5. Lastly, another great reason to go for the cloud-hosting, is that it actually takes to account the server and storage needs. The IT department can focus on some other critical issues and problems pertaining to your organization’s web-hosting.

If you looking for the best cloud-hosting service, we recommend this cloud-VPS hosting from A2, it is far more superior and recommended for most business websites.

cloud VPS

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A2hosting WordPress hosting review and rating

They have been offering WordPress-blog services for over ten years. It strikes the three chords of performance, reliability and price making it a good choice for those are looking for the right host of their WordPress website. Here is detailed review of their Wordpress hosting plan that will give you an insight of what to expect.

Wordpress plan

1) Easy to get started with

It is easy to get started with because it is preinstalled. It offers two easy options to get optimized package. It can be auto installed right from the order after paying for the hosting account. You can also have it up and running by using the 1-click Softaculous installer in the control panel. The installation has the interest of an unbiased user experience. It comes with three specifications that include prime SSD server option, WordPress auto-installer and used free subdomain. Prospects place their order by making payment through bank transfer, money order, credit card or PayPal.

2) Powerful WordPress specific features

They offer WordPress-plans which are specifically designed for blogger. They include free subdomains, unlimited WordPress-installations, high speed because it has 6 times faster A2optimized load times and a 14 days free manage WordPress account. It also has a fine tuned security with an optional 1-click installer.

3) Helpful security features

The plan come with very essential security features. For instance, the directory browsing is disabled and the login is captcha protected using re-captcha. Moreover, the login password is shifted to another URL in the welcome email using rename login plugin. This shift from the default location and makes it very hard for hackers to hack your account. Moreover, you get automatic WordPress-updates to keep hacks away.

4) A2optimized

It has more affordable and flexible features, and some of its features include SSH and FTP access, automatic updates and built in caching for accelerated speed. It has custom plugin that offers loads of optimization features for beginners with a pre-installed EWWW image-optimizer, W3-total cache that has pre-configured settings which are compatible with their servers.

5) 300% faster SSDs

The plan use SSD to ensure huge speed boosts. This makes it load pages faster since it hosts your files and performs thousands of output input operations per second which is not possible with standard hard drives.

6) Six times faster A2optimized

It has optimization experts who have carried out various tests to give accurate report on how the page loads. A2optimized is a WordPress-plugin which is exclusive to their customers. It provides auto configuration for WordPress-sites to give the best performance. It has auto optimizations such as caching and compression that help users focus on build their website and write content.

7) Free managed WordPress account

It allows users to run all their blogs from a single dashboard. The account is free and users can create one by clicking the ManageWP icon in cPanel. It will auto detects on your account making it easier to manage and update your sites from a single dashboard. The free account comes with a built in page view stats, two factor login authentication for improved security, 1-click theme and plugin updates and mass spam comment removal. All these features allow users manage and install themes and plugins for each of their sites.

8) Optional command line interface

WP-CLI is a set of command line tools that help users manage their WordPress installations such as updating plugins and setting up multisite-WordPress installs without using browser.

9) Uptime, support and documentation

They take customers seriously which is a fundamental brand identity factor. It has a responsive and cooperative support team which can be reached via tickets, email, live chat and toll free calls. The support team has a guru crew of technicians who track down solutions for questions by customers. The company has a specific list of articles where clients can search for tips to optimize their websites.

It is clear that they have lots of features that can enhance your user experience with your blog. Be sure to have them host your website and for real, you will be assured of reliability, performance and speed. It will only cost you $10.99 per month, although you can save up to $180 by paying for a three year plan by paying $5.99 per month.

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A2hosting VPS service review & 7 key advantages

This is one excellent hosting-solution built on Linux cloud and comes with free Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network). The service comes with managed and unmanaged models with rates that are quite competitive in the industry.

Below is a technical analysis of the features offered to customers:

1. A2hosting VPS is highly flexible.

They allow customers to scale their hosting-package according to their needs. They can still resize their packages later. Customers have a great choice of environments to choose from with the smallest package being the 512-MB RAM, 10-GB storage, 600 MHz speed, and 2-TB of bandwidth product. Customers can choose various variations of Linux with the most popular choices being: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo and Slackware.

2. A2hosting VPS is with awesome managed features.

The managed package allow you greater control over your servers without having to maintain it. The managed version is ideal for bloggers, webmasters and businesses with little or no technical IT expertise. All the tenets of the package are managed for the customer. This ranges from the database, to the file control, to the configuration. The hosting-plans come with two dedicated IP, automated backups, CloudFlare content delivery network, cPanel and a standby customer service. All the packages can access a combination of RAM and Drive space in varying quantities. RAM will range from 2-GB to 4-GB while Drive space will range from 75-GB to 150-GB.

3. A2hosting VPS uses the most reliable datacenters.

They have 2-tier data centers located in USA and Iceland. The company allows customers choice according to the location of the visitors. Both data centers have great redundant and performance servers, 3 phase backup power, 300 KVA UPS and 750 KVA standby generators.

4. 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Publicly accessible uptime reports indicate that they have an efficient SwiftServer platform with superfast SSD. This speeds up page loading time by up to 300%. The SwiftServer platform is rated with 10-GB per second speeds and matching industry standard hardware.

5. Supportive customer care and support.

They have in-house customer care technical team and customers have the option of chat, email or phone support. All packages come with a risk free 30 days money back guarantee, further stamping their confidence in what they do.

6. The overall customer experience is great.

On average, the service is rated one of the best services globally. Customers laud its features in ease of use, pricing,
Uptime and server speed. The rich, fast and reliable service is also one of the most transparent hosts in the industry. more

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A2hosting reseller hosting plan and 34% off

A2hosting reseller packages are the most affordable.

Right now, they have three reseller packages and price starting from $9.89 per month. This reseller plan includes the best features and generous specification. It comes with 60 gigabytes raid-10 storage space and 600 gigabytes data transfer for your customer site usage. And this reseller accounts include free cPanel and WHM control panel.

Here are the three reseller plans available:

  1. Deliver plan from $9.89.
  2. Achiever plan from $16.49.
  3. Endeavor plan from $26.39.

A2hosting reseller plan and promotion.

Before you signup to any of these package, remember to use the latest coupon “hoppy34″ for 34% off. The first step to make a profit from offering your own hosting-services is to get the service plan at lowest possible price. This is where it is made possible. We are using the coupon and stripped off their pricing and get it with one third less than normal. For most people, this formula definitely works and help you to cut cost and getting the so called merchandise at much lower price at the beginning.

reseller packages

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A2hosting coupon up to 40% (use this discount link)

A2hosting coupon & discount for 2015.

They offer various special promo for their new customers and often with 30%-off; sometime the discounts goes up to 40%. They constantly keep changing their promo codes and that is the major drawback. Besides these, we also have cash rebate program that anyone can take part in, see the rebate section at below for further details.

Get 51% off WordPress plans.

They are having 3 shared packages and they are upgrading these to be more suitable for blogging site. They have put in lots of server enhancement feature that boost the website speed via server hardware and software upgrade. In simple, it results in much faster speed WordPress site. All these plans are now with introductory offer of up to 51% off. Select annual-plan, proceed with checkout page and activate the promo-code “51speed” and you will be entitled for this promo.

51 off

A2hosting coupon on World Cup sales 2014.

At June and July, they are offering World Cup sales promo and all their products are now with 17% saving. Use the “soccer” for this 17% on their Prime-plan.

World cup soccer sales

A2hosting coupon and 17% off.

This is all unlimited-hosting and suitable for multiple websites. It includes unlimited storage, bandwidth transfer, email addresses, domains and databases. Both their shared packages either with SSD or not are both available with this offer.

Here are the new pricing available:

  • Choose Prime plan 36-months for $4.97/mo, regular $5.99/mo.
  • Choose Prime SSD 36-months for $7.46/mo.
  • Both plans now available with 17%-off.

Sadly this year the promotion is bit lower and they only give a one time 17%-off on your initial signup bill. This mean if you are ordering the Prime-plan today, its after discounted price is only $4.97/mo. Compare to original which was $5.99, this is only 17% in saving. To entitle for this offer, user must signup within the promo period and have activate the given code.

A2hosting coupon code for 40$ off.

This offer can be used for any other packages, order them at 30% to 40% saving as well. For instance, their Startup-plan is now at $2.97 per month only after this great 40% deduction from the total bill. This promo also applied to other plans as well and including reseller, VPS, dedicated server.

40 off

A2hosting-VPS coupon with 34% saving.

This virtual servers are new, and we have spotted a really great offer that give 50%-off. So far the best promotion is limited to first 100 VPS accounts only. Early birds are entitled and no voucher code to enter. Once sold out, it will no longer be available.

If you missed out the above half-price offer, here is the next big thing we have spotted at their official website, its now offering 34% saving and users are require to use the “zippy34″ to entitle for one time deal. This is one-off deal and currently valid for all VPS and reseller. Both of these are available with this promo, order today and apply the code to entitle.

Get 34% off reseller plan.

Their reseller web-hosting are very affordable and we are not seeing many company are now offering it at below ten dollars price range either. At here, we are able to start reselling our own service for as little as ten dollars with 1 of the 3 reseller plan available. And here are the secret deals we are getting, this including:

  1. 34% saving when using “beach34″.
  2. Free dedicated IP address.
  3. Free cPanel and WHM control panel.

Reseller promo

Free website markting credits.

They might not be offering that much marketing credits for their new customer, but for sure they are offering lots of freebies and gifts for their customer. First of all, we are getting the free vulnerability site scan and website magazine subscription. Next, there is $25 Bing ads credit and Bidvertiser ads credit. There is no Facebook or Google ads credit in here. We are getting far less advertising credits compare to other top web-hosts. And in here, we have received this 60 days email marketing trial and search engine service that enable our website to get listed in Google in 24 hours.

Bing ads

Get 33% off Christmas sales.

They are offering promotion price for all plans during this Christmas month. Use voucher “33gifts” to save a 33%. And their current VPS is just $9.76/mo (regularly at $13.95), and managed VPS for $34.96/mo (regularly at $49.95). Its now include cPanel control panel and unlimited disk space as require. In additional, we are getting unlimited monthly data transfer and email accounts too. It comes with 1-click installer for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla as well.

A2hosting coupon on 30% saving.

Are you tired of high costs dedicated server and under performing? They provide VPS services for all designers and developers. They also provide quality service with 99.99% uptime guarantee and ensure server will be available at all times. Happy holiday, enter “hohohost” and get 30% off of first order. Following page shows our ordering with 16% saving being activated.

Private SSL certificate promo price.

Their SSL-certificate is now selling for as low as $9.99 first year. This year 2014, Google announce website with SSL will get SEO ranking benefit and will eventually ranked higher compare with site that do not have this SSL-cert installed. This year, SSL-certificate is now selling at $9.99 and provided by GlobalSign-SSL provider. The regular pricing was $49.95 and this is the biggest promotion on SSL ever.

SSL cert promo

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Mantis optimized servers and bug tracking application

Mantis hosting is available here. Choose and install with single click with Softaculous which it found in your cPanel control panel on any web-hosting plans. Use their exclusive quick installer to add Mantis in a matter of moments on CentOS and Fedora VPS templates.

What is Mantis website-hosting? This is a bug tracking system which integrated into website. The bug tracking system notable for being lightweight, entirely PHP based and ease of use. Mantis bug tracker is often abbreviated as MantisBT. Bug tracking systems are applications used by web developers to help keep track of errors and other issues found. Use Mantis messaging, time tracking and all of the applications other features to create an effective communication medium for a team.

Mantis is an issue tracker that is implemented in PHP, it is free, easy to install and easy to evaluate, supports in all web-hosting that runs PHP.  The main features include Plugin system, customize your workflow, notifications by email when changes are made to the system, custom fields, road map and change log support, built-in reports and graphs, specific issue monitoring, attachment support, change history, RSS feeds and much more.


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